NEXTEL/SPRINT- Departments don't communicate at all- Disaster company!

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When i first started using Nextel, I was very happy with the service. The Walkie Talkie feature made it much easier for me to communicate with friends and coworkers without using minutes. I was a loyal, bill paying customer for over 6 years. I actually had interviewed with them in Elmsford, NY to be a retention rep a few years back, and they did not hire me, maybe they felt that my customer service/sales skills were not good enough for their team. This was fine, and I do not harbor any resentment, and continued to use the services for over 4 years.I dealt with the usual dropped calls, broken phones, dying batteries, etc, and renewed my contract 3 or 4 times, and upgraded phone three timesThen, the merger came along, Sprint took over. That is when it all went south for Nextel. The phone service became terrible, the website unusable, and the customer service inconsistent and incompetent.I applied for the text messaging plan online. I then received my bill two months later ( I waited for them to fill my order) and they were still charging me over $40 for text messaging services.

I then called the service number sometime in April 2007 to ask for my last date of service so i can port out. The rep told me June 30th, 2007. I thanked him for the info and then no attempt was made at all to appease me or attempt to retain my account. I was suprised by this? I am a customer service rep in financial services, and when someone tries to close an account, I try as much as I could to save their service.

Cutting to the cruxt of the situation, i waited until July 29th to receive my bill, and they charged me $80 for text messaging. They still did not add me to the plan after repeated attempts to purchase it online and on the phone. I had enough, and went online, ported to Verizon, and even got a new phone!

I then called Nextel to let them know I left and will be paying my last bill. That is when the rep told me that I cancelled too early. I couldnt bvelieve it, and told him I was informed wrong when I called last time. I demanded that they look back and review my call from April, 2007. They stated they do not retain or record calls. I could not believe this, a phone company that doesnt even check for quality assurance? I also worked in land line business telecom in the past, and all conversations were recorded. I was perplexed.

After a lot of arguing, screaming,transferring me to different departments, etc I was told that my $200 cancellation fee would be waived upon manager's approval, and if it cannot be waived, then reduced, because I was only in violation for two days. (June 28-30) I was told that a manager would call me to confirm. I then received a call, and a woman left me a voice mail. I called back , asked to be placed on hold so I can speak to her. They kept me on hold over :30 and then told me she cannot take my call, and no one else could help me because this was her "case"

I called back numerous times, and left her messages, no call back.

I still receive collection notices and bills for the cancellation to this day. i have called back, spoken to reps over and over again who state to "wait 90 days" for the accounting department to get caught up with billing- 90 days?????? What? 90 days? I have spoken to accounting reps as well who told me that the final bill will come soon.

I was also told that I should receive some money back, because i cancelled a tthe end of the month and had just paid my next bill, because as a nextel subscriber, you pay your bill before you use the service, so you pay a month in advance. There is no worrd about my refund either, just more billing/collections notices.

This company is Incompetent and impossible to deal with, LET THE BUYER BEWARE!

Do not use them unless you like your service to include passing the buck when you call, and never coming to a fruitful conclusion.


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nextel is the worst service i have ever had!!!! they shut your service off all the time. yesterday i called and asked about my minutes i was told i had bonus minutes to use so i used them today my phone is shut off b/c i was over my minutes and was charged with 60 buck in overages and told me they were sorry but they can't do anything even though i had the name time and date of the women the mess up every month and if you complain to much they will not credit even if they are wrong!!



Review about: I670.



Keeping track of your account is your responsibility. If you like having your phone working keep tabs on your minute use as well as your Account Spending Limit (ASL).

Services can be interrupted for 3 reasons; Having a past due balance, being above the ASL or having a return check or credit card. Those are the only reasons that you don\'t have service on your phone from time to time. Now bonus minutes on the other hand are a thing of the past, they are not offered like they once were and are so old that antiques Road Show wont even know what your asking for, so best suggestion here is since your already paying to have bonus minutes is to upgrade to a plan that will work for your actual use (which by they way since your having overages, your already spending more in overages [$0.40 or 0.45 per minute depending on your plan] than your Price Plan and insurance by themselves) I agree that Sprint/Nextel suck but this issue is not the company\'s fault. Be sure to read your contract before you agree to it and make you have a full understanding of what your getting involved in.

Best suggestion here is 1. Get a better price plan for your actual use; Never obtain bonus minutes again.2. Pay your account without being past due; this keeps account current and also below your account spending limit. If you have overages then refer back to number 1.3.

If you are so unsatisfied with service why did you even become a customer? There are so many cellular companies that have lower plans with no contracts that paying out your *** for a price plan is retarded.4. NEVER and I repeat NEVER act like you don\'t use your phone for the amount of minutes that your over.

If you think that something is a miss log on to your account and review the detailed bill and look at the calls that were placed and see when your account started to have overages. IF you can state that you legitimately did not make a certain call at a certain date and time, and have evidence other than a fabricated excuse and documentation to back it up, they will credit back your account.

Nextel/Sprint takes advantage of customers

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My business has been a Nextel customer for over four years, and currently have twelve phones with their service. The service has been acceptable for most of that time, the walkie talkie feature saves us alot of time and we've enjoyed it.

However in the last several weeks/months the service has been deteriorating rapidly. The direct connect works intermittantly, and the phone feature drops calls like crazy. My employees now carry their personal phones, with other carriers so we can communicate. Nextel has "investigated" the problem several times, and says there is no problem.

I wanted to cancel the service and get a phone system that we can actually use, but Nextel/Sprint as they're now called, says I will have to pay $2400.00 early termination fee because my contract makes no claims to good service, or any service at all. Why would they continue to accept my $400.00 per month and think that they don't need to see that the phones continue to work ? I don't know if they've got too many phones using the same towers or what the problem is, but I don't believe it is reasonable to expect me to pay for a service they are no longer providing. Their lawyers may have set up the fine print so that they can neglect their customers and avoid legal penalties, but it is not right.

Just because a company can take advantage of people, does'nt mean they should.

Nextel/Sprint does, and that makes them thieves.



Sprint/Nextel do NOT EVER guarantee that the phones you have will EVER have good service; All claims that are made are indirect of what they actually provide. Nextel uses the Integrated Digital Enhanced Network (iDen) which works off Radio Frequencies in much the same way your car radio tunes in to the local stations so what Im saying is that the more people in your area who have IDen phones the better the phone will perform but still does not guarantee that you will get the best signal or service. Blackberry phones SUCK and I suggest to stay far away from these sorry devices, ESPECIALLY for Iden.

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