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nextel is the worst service i have ever had!!!! they shut your service off all the time. yesterday i called and asked about my minutes i was told i had bonus minutes to use so i used them today my phone is shut off b/c i was over my minutes and was charged with 60 buck in overages and told me they were sorry but they can't do anything even though i had the name time and date of the women the mess up every month and if you complain to much they will not credit even if they are wrong!!



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Keeping track of your account is your responsibility. If you like having your phone working keep tabs on your minute use as well as your Account Spending Limit (ASL).

Services can be interrupted for 3 reasons; Having a past due balance, being above the ASL or having a return check or credit card. Those are the only reasons that you don\'t have service on your phone from time to time. Now bonus minutes on the other hand are a thing of the past, they are not offered like they once were and are so old that antiques Road Show wont even know what your asking for, so best suggestion here is since your already paying to have bonus minutes is to upgrade to a plan that will work for your actual use (which by they way since your having overages, your already spending more in overages [$0.40 or 0.45 per minute depending on your plan] than your Price Plan and insurance by themselves) I agree that Sprint/Nextel suck but this issue is not the company\'s fault. Be sure to read your contract before you agree to it and make you have a full understanding of what your getting involved in.

Best suggestion here is 1. Get a better price plan for your actual use; Never obtain bonus minutes again.2. Pay your account without being past due; this keeps account current and also below your account spending limit. If you have overages then refer back to number 1.3.

If you are so unsatisfied with service why did you even become a customer? There are so many cellular companies that have lower plans with no contracts that paying out your *** for a price plan is retarded.4. NEVER and I repeat NEVER act like you don\'t use your phone for the amount of minutes that your over.

If you think that something is a miss log on to your account and review the detailed bill and look at the calls that were placed and see when your account started to have overages. IF you can state that you legitimately did not make a certain call at a certain date and time, and have evidence other than a fabricated excuse and documentation to back it up, they will credit back your account.

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