I have had your service for awhile now. I am very unhappy and I want out of my contracts

with no cancelation fee.

This year my 2nd line was going to expire, ok I called and said to cancel it when the time was

Up. Well I called back and said don’t cancel the line, just give me the 2 new phones and

I will sign up again for 2 more years. Ok I got the phones, then when I got the bill it had a

Cancelation fee of $200.00. I called and talked with so mnay people and they all told me

That I canceled it. I told them I just got 2 new phones why would I cancel it when I just

Got the phones. It took a while for that to be taken care of. Then I was having money

Problems and I had my phones shut off. Ok I got it paid up and told them to turn the phones

On. They said the 2nd line was canceled. Ok I was mad by now. I told them I needed my

Second line.

Ok they told me that I would have to order a 2nd line. I told them I was not paying again.

Well I got the second line and they were sending me another new phone. Ok it was way

Over a week and I did not get my phone. I called and they said the phone was shipped to

a lady in texas that had the same account number as me. Ok I was pissed by now. I called

and complained and they gave me a $74.00 credit and I got the new phone. Ok I got the

first 2 phones in April and the screen on one of them is hard to see. I took it to a store

and they said that I did not have insurance on it. This is a ic402, I got two of them , ok

I said I cant see this screen can I use the other ic402. Well after talking with I don’t

Know how many people, that cant be done. Ok the new ic502 has not worked since

We got it. You have to take the battery out then put in back in for the phone to work.

I am so tired of this. I need my phones to be liable. I have a son who is Mild Mental

Retardation and my other son has ADHD and I need to be reached at any time. I

Want out of my service with no cancelation charges. I will send you all 3 phones

Back. I will send a letter to the BBB and who ever I can to get this taken care of.

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