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We are patrons of NEXTEL which is for a bit longer a division of Sprint. Seems there are some legal issues that is making Sprint have to seel Nextel.

Anyhow, we have been with NEXTEL for almost 4 years straight and have been happy with them for that amount of time excluding the present time in question.

We want to get newer phones cause our now 3 almost 4 year old phones are getting kind of well worn. The other, if you know us and call my phone, is now tumbling down the Pigeon river of Michigan.

We purchased the i776s and had to pay almost 200 bucks even though we were LOYAL and did not miss on payments. Just our credit score from an accident not of our fault has screwed our credit up a because of the insurance company not keeping up with the medical bills.

Well the phones (i776 by Motorola) is junk as far as I am concerned. It's software isn't backed up by enough resources to allow the phone to keep signal strength. We returned them and went back to the old phones while losing out on almost 50 bucks for number transfer and the charge for activation of the new phones that didn't work as good as the old ones.

Someone please tell me, how the he double hockey sticks are we to get good service and be rewarded for LOYAL patronage?

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There are so many consumers out there, they do not need "GOOD or LOYAL" consumers anymore. Until there is a mass revolt against these super companies they will continue to thrive.

I can say that I do agree with you about Nextel.

I was a customer for @10 years, never missed a payment and toward the end, after the merge with SPRINT, they sucked. I got rid of my cell altogether and enjoy the freemdom.

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